The European Parliament implements the European Parliament Ambassador Schools program in all EU member states. The aim of the program is to promote awareness of Europe and the European Parliament as well as European democracy among young people.


Participating schools from all over Austria are invited to nominate teachers and students as “Ambassadors for the European Parliament”. The selected schools or their representatives will be provided with materials (learning modules parts 1 to 5) and have the opportunity to attend seminars on the topic of the European Union or the European Parliament. In a second step, the schools are visited by staff members of the liaison office or Zentrum polis and evaluated to what extent they have implemented the necessary measures to be awarded as an ambassador school. At present, a total of 75 Austrian schools have been certified as Ambassador Schools of the European Parliament.

Project partner

Zentrum polis supports the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Austria in the implementation of this educational program since 2017.

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