The youth project My Resistance, My Democracy focuses on the European resistance against fascism and National Socialism, especially among the youth, and aims to make these experiences accessible to young people. Based on this, the participants will receive suggestions that will help them develop and formulate their own political ideas. The project will start with interactive workshops between March and May 2023.

In the course of the project, Zentrum polis will coordinate the development of a digital toolkit for pedagogical work on the topic of resistance and democracy: an online pedagogical handbook with introductory texts for multipliers, teaching examples, and a collection of external media content, resources, and institutions.

In June 2023, young people will exchange ideas and develop initial political demands at a national conference in Vienna, where they will also have the opportunity to network with young people from Poland.

In autumn 2023, young people from all four partner countries (Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Austria) will meet in Bologna for the 1st Youth Conference. Specific forms of (local) resistance will be debated and the first steps for a common list of political demands will be set.

The collected demands will be further worked on at the 2nd Youth Conference in Krakow in February 2024. In addition, there will be an advocacy training in the course of the conference.

The young people will present the finalized list of demands in Brussels in spring 2024 and hand it to political decision makers.

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