The project Resilience Through Education for Democratic Citizenship (REDE) was selected from over 70 international submissions as one of three projects for funding by the DISCO (Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation) programme of the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

REDE collects, discusses and improves methods of strengthening democratic culture, democracy education, human rights education and the skills of social and youth workers to prevent anti-democratic extremism, conspiracy theories and hate speech.

Project website:

The project seeks to bring together university teachers, trainers and social workers, who work with young people in the extracurricular sector. It aims to strengthen their competences for democratic culture (see the Council of EuropeReference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture)and to contribute to a higher resistance against authoritarianism and extremism among multipliers such as young people.

Four institutions from three countries are implementing the project. The consortium is being led by the FH Salzburg (degree programme Social Work/Social Innovation). Further partners are the Institute of Public Affairs Warsaw, Les Militants des Savoirs Toulouse and polis, the Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools. The project results will be disseminated in Austria, France and Poland as well as through international networks and professional associations in other European countries.

The project objectives will be achieved in several steps:

  • Innovative methods found in the curricula and training courses of social work will be aggregated.
  • These and other methods will be exchanged and further developed in national and international workshops.
  • In the following training sessions proven and new teaching methods will be taught to social workers.
  • The final step is the presentation and discussion of the project results in various networks and conferences.
  • An easy-to-read manual will be available online and in print for effective dissemination.