To shape the future together it is crucial for citizens to be well informed. In times of crises, active citizenship is especially important. The EU Democracy Rally (2021-2023), a project by Erasmus+, offers young people a range of tools that enables them to create political and social campaigns. The project aims to empower young people to play an active part in political processes.

The participation platform will offer an online version of the Rally. It enables users to connect with youth workers and decision makers from all around Europe. Additionally, a toolkit will be prepared which young people can use to playfully engage with democratic processes in the form of logical and strategic games and research activities.

Project Lead
Zentrum fir Politesch Bildung (Luxembourg)

Project Partners
ECIT Foundation (Belgium)
polyspektiv Burgdörfer & Ness GbR (Germany)
Peuple et Culture (France)
Wiener Forum für Demokratie und Menschenrechte / Zentrum polis (Austria)
Fundacja Epanstwo (Poland)
Funky Citizens (Romania)
Alternative Europee (Italy)
Well-Being Lab (Sweden)
Access Info Europe (Spain)


Ingrid Ausserer

P 01/353 40 20