NECE Focus Group on Competences for Democratic Culture. Final Report

From January 2019 to December 2020, a focus group of the NECE network piloted the reference framework of competences for democratic culture of the Council of Europe in seven projects. The group was coordinated by Zentrum polis together with the DARE network and supported by Claudia Lenz as lead expert.

NECE Focus Group on ‘Competences for Democratic Culture’. Recommendations and Documentation. Final Report. Eds: Patricia Hladschik, Claudia Lenz. Authors: Claudio Dondi, Jan Faber, Veronika Fehlinger, Patricia Hladschik, Claudia Lenz, Hanna Lorenzen, Thimo Nieselt, Georg Pirker, Mari Varsányi, Rebecca Welge. Vienna, December 2020. 52 pages.