Competences for Democratic Culture in the Non-Formal Educational Sector

Patricia Hladschik, Claudia Lenz, Georg Pirker (Eds), Brussels: DARE Network (DARE Blue Lines), 2020. 96 pages.

This edition of the DARE BLUE LINES series presents results and recommendations of the NECE focus group Competences for Democratic Culture. The German partners of the focus group had a strong interest in exploring the possible uses of the RFCDC in the non-formal sector, since in Germany, there is a well-established sector and structure of youth work with a specific focus on non-formal civic education, and a genuine expertise in cooperation of the different educational fields.

Articles by Ole Jantschek, Laura Meijer, Simon Oesterle, Hanna Lorenzen, Thimo Nieselt; contributions from Paola Carega, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Ramón Martínez.